Your ultimate Year of the Sheep horoscope

February 24, 2015
Wizard Wear Year of the Sheep Horoscope

Gung Hay Fat Choy! As you probably know, Chinese New Year was February 19th, and in celebration of the Year of the Sheep (since we love all things wool!), I thought it would be fun to take a closer at all the symbolism for Year of the Sheep and put together the ultimate Year of the Sheep horoscope for 2015!

But first, let’s address some confusion, is it the Year of the Sheep, the Goat, or the Ram? Good question. Let’s refresh our definitions of each one.

According to Wikipedia, a ram is either a male sheep or a male goat.  A sheep is the woolly farm animal we know and love. A lamb is a baby sheep. And a goat is the horned animal related to sheep, but known more for its milk and meat than its hair. I’m sure there are exceptions to these, but let’s stick with these basic definitions for now.

Here are some pictures for clarity:

wizard wear sheep image

A sheep!

wizard wear goat image

A goat!

So, why the confusion? Because according to this web source, the symbol for Year of the Goat/Sheep is – 羊 yáng – which can refer to EITHER a goat or sheep. So there you have it. Both work.

What can sheep, goats, and rams teach us in 2015?

Sheep are known throughout mythology – both Chinese and “Western” – as benevolent, peaceful, and auspicious symbols. They convey a sense of innocence and inspire us to get in touch with our child-like natures. They are also known for their vulnerability which can translate as compassionate self-acceptance of our limitations. Being herd animals, they also represent a desire to conform to the group. The lamb in Christian mythology is also a strong symbol of purification and rebirth.

Goats are more independent, and despite moving in herds, they tend to spread out far and graze alone. They also love heights and are naturally curious. And despite being known for notoriously eating everything, it’s a myth! They use their lips and mouths to test and learn about the world around them, but are actually very discerning about what they consume. I can relate, I like to try before I buy too. 🙂

The mighty ram is consistently used as a symbol for determination, action, initiative, leadership.

So what is your ultimate Year of the Sheep (Ram/Goat) horoscope for 2015?

Embrace your child-like innocence and compassionately accept your vulnerabilities as you reach for the sky with big dreams. Think about how you can define yourself from the pack and don’t be afraid to try new things. Be discerning in what you finally pursue. Peacefully set yourself into action with a leader’s determination and benevolently consider yourself reborn! It’s going to be an auspicious year baby! 🙂

LOL. What do you think? Sounds pretty fortuitous to me. 🙂

Gung Hay Fat Choy my friends!

2 comments on “Your ultimate Year of the Sheep horoscope

  1. Lilly says:

    I absolutely love it! This is my year and I read a write up recently that was so depressing. This however was so inspiring and I am excited to experience a ‘rebirth’ this year. Thanks!

    • wizardboots says:

      Thanks for your comment Lilly! I hear ya – it’s my year too. Better make it a good one, right? 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the horoscope!

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