Why Wizard Wear?

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Can you imagine if dressing your baby became the easiest part of your day?

What If you could transform the daily routine of squirming, fussing, kicking, and screaming (while you desperately try to fasten snaps, do up buttons, and pull on stray socks) into a quick and relaxed experience?

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Baby sock fail! This picture of my son in his highchair was some early inspiration for me to start designing the Wizard Boots.

I hear you. I’ve been there, and when my son was about 6 months old, I got so tired of this constant struggle that I decided to put my sewing skills to work and come up with some solutions.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You’re fed up with your child pulling their socks off every five minutes.
  • You’re desperate to find knee-high socks that actually stay up and protect “the ankle gap”!
  • You’re tired of futzing with hoodie snaps, buttons, and zippers, just to find the hood gapes open and leaves your child’s head cold anyways.
  • You love functional clothing and natural fibres but hate that it always has to look so “sporty”.

What if I told you that Wizard Wear:

  • Makes dressing your baby a breeze.
  • Makes you feel like the most organized, savvy, and funky parent on the block.
  • Helps you enjoy babywearing even more.
  • Allows you to relax in the outdoors, knowing your baby is comfortable and warm without feeling bulky.
  • Will make you smile, watching your little one look all cute and classy.

It’s my vision to create products that not only get the job done, but actually make our parenting lives easier and better! “But did you really think of everything?” I can hear you asking. The answer is, “I tried!” And what I didn’t think of, my wonderful customers are helping me figure out along the way. I’m continually improving the products to make them even better. Here are a few highlights of what you get with Wizard Wear:

  • The Wizard Boots baby socks are custom-designed to shape the baby’s leg as they grow. This signature fit ensures they stay up and stay on, right to the knee, to keep your child’s legs protected all day long. They have lightweight non-slip suede soles for little crawlers and walkers. It’s really difficult for little fingers to pull them off!!
  • The Wizard Hoodie has a clean and simple design – an extra wide neckline to easily pull on, and no fussy buttons, snaps, or zippers. It also has a pointed close-fitting hood that stays in place to protect ears and necks from the wind, and look super cute! It’s the perfect mid-layer.
  • All Wizard Wear is made of machine-washable sustainable Merino wool.
  • All Wizard Wear is designed and hand-sized on Bowen Island, and made locally in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The Merino wool we use is cruelty-free; that means no mulesing.
  • All Wizard Wear is designed to look classy rather than sporty, so your child can be functionally cozy and still look great about town.

“Wait a sec, I want a pair too!” I can hear you saying. Don’t worry, we’ve had lots of requests for adult sizes! We’re working on them! 🙂

I’m a parent just like you who struggled to find clothing I wanted to dress my baby in. All the pretty things were too fussy and the sportswear just didn’t have the elegance I craved. But once I made the first pair of Wizard Boots and other mamas started requesting them I knew I wasn’t alone in my quest!

Are you ready to check these beauties out? Click here to browse through our selection.

Remember, Wizard Wear is perfect if you love clothing both cozy and classy and want to dress your children in the same. If you love Merino wool, and want ethical, Canadian-made, well-designed functional pieces for your little one, you are in the right place!

Once again, here’s the link to our shop. Thanks for stopping by!

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