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 12 reviews
by Dana on Wizard Boots
Stylish and functional

We received the socks and they are wonderful! Such a nicely made product that is stylish and functional. Many thanks.

by Rachel on Wizard Boots
I love these Wizard Boots!

I just want tell you how much I love these Wizard Boots. A friend gave me a pair for my son and I am back for more. They are the only thing that stays on his feet. Thank you.

by Heather on Wizard Boots
So many compliments!

I've been getting so many compliments on Aurora's Wizard Boots since we got them, she wears them literally every day and people really seem to love them. I'm really looking forward to having more than one pair and am excited to order the blue in the fall.

by Colleen on Wizard Boots
Well-made and cozy

Wizard boots are well-made, warm and perfect when my little guy is in a carrier. We sized up as his calves have a bit of girth !

by Simone on Wizard Boots
We love these boots!

We discovered these boots at a local Christmas craft fair and instantly fell in love with their simple, but adorable design. I wanted to get them right away, but my partner didn't see why we should pay more than a couple of dollars for baby socks, so we walked away without them at first. Through the course of our visit at the fair, our baby pulled off the socks she was wearing a good half dozen times. At one point, we thought we lost them both. When it was time to leave the fair, we both agreed that we should give the wizard boots a try and we have not looked back since. They don't come off!!! Plus, their length really helps protect our baby's legs from getting cold when she is in her carrier, as her pants ride up her shins. Also, the non-skid sole help her get traction on our hard wood floors. We aren't believers in putting our baby in shoes too early, so these socks/boots are a great alternative while she is learning to walk in our home.
Thank you wizard boots!

by Amy Hurford on Wizard Boots
Pleasantly surprised!

If I put regular socks on my son, within minutes he takes them off. Initially, I was skeptical of the Wizard Boots, but I ordered them anyway because I desperately wanted my son to wear socks. I was pleasantly surprised: they really do stay on! He wears the Wizard Boots every day in place of regular socks, and I couldn't be happier.

by Anna on Wizard Boots
Best Pullover EVER!

I purchased a WizardWear pullover at the Circle Craft Market for my 3 year old daughter. It fits a little long so it's ideal with leggings and I know it will fit her for a long time. Cold wash, hung to dry and it looks exactly the same as when I bought it. Thank you and I look forward to getting another in a different colour.

by Kimberly on Wizard Boots

I'm really bummed. I wanted to love these, but they weren't at all what I was hoping for. They don't keep my baby's feet warm enough. I imagined them thicker like boot socks. And even with the suede, he still has trouble walking in them. I'm glad everyone else is happy with them, but I expected more for the price.

Hi Kimberly,
Thanks very much for your feedback, and sorry to hear you're not happy with the Wizard Boots! We're still tweaking the product as more people use them so we'll take your comments into consideration and see if they can be improved. On that note, if you're not happy with them, we're happy to give you a full refund. Please check out the Returns & Exchanges page and send us an email to arrange for a return. Cheers!

by Saskia Tait on Wizard Boots
Great baby gift!

Looking for a GREAT gift for a baby in your world? These ACTUALLY STAY ON our little one. And she's like Houdini when it comes to getting out of socks!! Thanks Mary Kastle!!

by Stephanie St-Pierre on Wizard Boots
Wizard Boots are awesome!

Our little one wore Wizard Boots last winter and it was amazing. No time wasted as these booties stay on! Trust me you'll LOVE them... Or any new parents you give them to. 🙂

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