Meet our new manufacturer, take 2!

October 10, 2014

Let me try this again. I want you to meet our new manufacturer.

You see, starting a business has its share of kinks, and Wizard Wear is no exception. A few weeks ago I posted about finally solidifying a manufacturer, only to run into some serious challenges with them a few weeks later. It forced me to make some tough decisions, which resulted in me transferring operations to another local manufacturer in East Vancouver.

I thought about keeping this all under wraps, but ultimately, I think it’s important for you – my treasured clients and supporters – to know and see who is making the products you buy! After all, isn’t that the advantage of buying locally-made goods? I might not be making every pair myself anymore, but we can both still feel good knowing they are made by hardworking folks in our neighbourhood.

And it’s true that good help is very hard to find. On that note, I’m proud and happy to now be working with George and his skilled team at GE Garments. Here are a few pics of the team working hard in their space. 🙂

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