“Life on Bowen Island” article for VancouverMom.ca

January 3, 2014
Bowen Island BC River

Bowen Island BC River

My first guest post!

Back in December, I wrote an article for VancouverMom.ca about living on Bowen Island. Here’s the link: http://vancouvermom.ca/for-mom/living-on-bowen-island/

Life on Bowen Island

The article talks about what living on an island is really like. It’s not all romantic evenings by the fire while the storms rage… (although a lot of winter nights can feel like that!). There are plenty of ups and downs. The downs include obvious things like pricey groceries, overloaded ferries, and seeming isolation…

But the ups – well, the ups list is a lot longer thankfully! The beautiful and varied beaches and forest trails, most of which are nearly empty most of the year. The friendliest community I have ever experienced. A real sense of “home” and “neighbours” – like the storybook kind that you can just pop in on whenever you feel like saying hi. And the sense of safety and peace that comes along with all of that.

Exploration outside and in

There is so much to explore and discover living on Bowen. But most of what you will find here is within yourself. When I took a step back from the rat race of the city, I found a different side of myself emerged. It took a while to happen, but I realized that it simply never had a chance to express itself before as I was always barely keeping up with everything else I was trying to do. That has been my real discovery in this place. That instigating change can sometimes mean simply changing your environment and letting your whole life transform in response.

Here is the link once again: http://vancouvermom.ca/for-mom/living-on-bowen-island/


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