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Top 5 reasons Merino wool is the PERFECT fabric for your kids

If you’re new to Merino wool, you might not be aware of how amazing a fabric it is and why it’s the PERFECT fabric for your kids. Naturally insulating, washable, quick drying, cozy and classy, read on to find out why Merino wool was our #1 choice when we designed Read More

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Are you ignoring your kids?

I was listening to my friend recently describe her attempt to meditate while in the presence of her 3 year old son. “I felt so bad,” she said, “I just closed my eyes for a moment but he kept repeating ‘mama’ ‘mama’ ‘mama’, and I felt so bad for ignoring Read More

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How to parent with intention in 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to parent with intention every moment of the year? It’s easy to think this year is going to be different, but pretty soon it’s easy to slide back into old habits. So how can we make a shift this year to help ourselves stay more connected Read More

The best part of summer is... Wizard Wear merino wool baby clothing

The best part of summer is…

I think the best part of summer is that we finally allow ourselves to slow down a bit. And as a busy mother, taking some time to reflect on the spring behind us and the fall ahead are powerful ways to feel more grounded and integrate all of life’s lessons into Read More

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The new Wizard Boots are HERE!

This has been a long time coming (nearly 10 months of behind-the-scenes work!) so I’m thrilled to finally announce that the new Wizard Boots are here! And the redesign was SO worth the wait. I have yet to do a proper photoshoot, but in the meantime here’s a quick picture I Read More

3 ways to honour garment workers this Labour Day Wizard Wear merino wool baby clothes bowen island bc baby booties

3 ways to honour garment workers this Labour Day

As I head into another busy fall for Wizard Wear, I’ve been reflecting on the meaning of Labour Day, and how it’s nowhere more important than in representing the millions of garment workers that make our clothing. After trying out production sewing in my first season of Wizard Wear, when I Read More

Is Biomimicry the next Eco Buzzword wizard wear merino wool baby clothes baby socks baby booties

Is biomimicry the next eco buzzword?

Healthy Business Growth Now that I’m a business owner, I think a lot about growth. You kind of have to if you want your enterprise to grow beyond your living room, right? But at the same time, I find myself wary of hearing economists in the media waxing on about Read More

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5 ways to embrace camping with toddlers

Do you love camping? I sure did. That is, until I moved to an island, had a kid, and resigned myself to never being able to camp again! ;P It turns out that to embrace camping with toddlers, just embrace where you’re already at with a few tweaks for the outdoors. Read More

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At the Altar of Mama, taking parenting tips from “God”

Note: I have chosen to use quotations around the word “God” in this post to make it clear that I am referring to “God” as a conceptual worshipped figurehead, regardless of religious affiliation. Please, no offense intended! I consider myself more spiritual than religious, but I recently attended a talk called “The Future Read More

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Still debating cloth vs disposable diapers? Why not both!

Initiation into the parenting club comes with all sorts of perks and benefits. But the one I could surely do without is the heated debate about cloth vs disposable diapers. Mostly because it seems to consistently miss one important perspective from the conversation. And it’s this – Use Both. It’s Read More