Mary Kastle is a mama, avid sewer, and musician based on Bowen Island, BC. She always toyed with the idea of designing her own clothes but it wasn’t until she had her son that inspirations for Wizard Wear began in earnest. She got tired of futzing with her son’s little socks always falling off and fiddling with poorly placed snaps and buttons. She wanted comfortable, classy, and functional alternatives and decided to harness her creative energy to figure out a solution.

The original Wizard Boots design took much iteration, but once Mary had a working pair, she immediately started getting requests from other moms who saw them on her son. She worked diligently to come up with more sizes and find a supplier for her favourite fabric in the world – Merino wool. After selling 40 pairs in 3 hours at her first Bowen Island Christmas market, she felt confident that the Wizard Boots would find their place in the kids clothing world. Now having released the Wizard Hoodie, landing a feature in the Vancouver Sun, and having a successful launch at the Circle Craft market in Vancouver, Wizard Wear’s momentum continues to grow.

A passionate believer in sustainability and corporate responsibility, Mary is constantly looking for ways to reduce Wizard Wear’s environmental footprint and give back to society. She believes clothes don’t need to be a source of environmental degradation and is committed to working with natural fibres as much as possible and local manufacturers to ensure Wizard Wear is biodegradable and ethically made.

With a background as a professional touring musician and songwriter, Mary’s creative spirit is at the heart of Wizard Wear. From every design detail through to her blog posts on parenting and entrepreneurship, to each relationship made with a new boutique or customer, Mary prides herself on celebrating the many unique inspirations that bring Wizard Wear to life.

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