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The inspiration behind the Wizard Boots

This here is the sole (pardon the pun) reason for inventing the Wizard Boots! Hahaha…

What is Upcycling?

What is Upcycling? Upcycling is similar to recycling in that you use something old to make something new, yet upcycling fashion implies that its new incarnation will somehow be “better” than its last. Upcycling has been called one of the hottest trends of 2013, and in this age of global Read More

Wizard Boots Baby Booties with Tag

Wizard Boots now available at Beansprouts!

The first batch of Wizard Boots has been delivered to Beansprouts on Main Street! Here is the final tag design. Thanks so much to my wonderful husband Leo for his help getting it together. 🙂

Wizard Boots @ Bowen Farmers Market

Wizard Boots @ Bowen Farmers Market (via http://marykastle.com) I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be selling the very first batch of Wizard Boots at the Bowen Island Farmers Market tomorrow from 10am-3pm (Saturday, August 24th). Here’s a shot of Darwyn wearing them in Army Green. We’re using this shot…

Wizard Boots in production..

Wizard Boots (via http://marykastle.com) Wizard Boots, in production…