Wizard Wear - Canadian Made

Canadian Made

We love working with our local Vancouver-based manufacturer. Not only can we guarantee Wizard Wear is ethically made with the highest of personal craftsmanship, but we love chit-chatting about Vancouver-Asian culture and picking up some new Cantonese along the way.

You can meet our great team here.

Wizard Wear - Merino Wool

Merino Wool

Quite possibly the best fabric ever, Merino wool technology has come a long way. Welcome to a lightweight, soft, warm, and machine washable wool that actually cools you down when you’re hot, and insulates you when cold. Yes, you are about to fall in LOVE.

What is merino wool?


We are so passionate about our beautiful Earth that we use natural fibres as much as possible so Wizard Wear biodegrades easily. We also participate in a textile recycling program to divert all of our production waste from landfills into recycled goods.

What’s textile recycling, you ask?

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